Tips for travelling with pups (How I used to travel with a baby Bella)

Bella and I travel together a lot. We’ve been travelling since she was a pup. Travelling with pups poses different challenges to travelling with adult and elderly dogs. This post is mainly about the tricks I used to make our journey’s a less grueling one, when Bella was much younger. These tips were compiled by consulting various parties, including authorities, consultants and seasoned travelers. So here are 16 tips that I used while travelling with a baby Bella.

  1. Bring a squeegee. Squeegees are easy to carry and they will help you get tidier by having less hair everywhere.
  2. Look for the nearest vet in your destination and save the address. Don’t wait for something to happen before searching the nearest vet! It is better to be prepared.
  3. If you are riding a plane, it is advisable to call your airline to enquire about pet regulations. These differ from plane to plane, not airline to airline.
  4. Ask the experts. I was referred to a friendly Australian migration agency, based in Perth. They went out of their way to help bring Bella into Australia for the first time. Bringing a pet into certain countries can be truly challenging. Asking the experts saves a great deal of time and pain.
  5. Exercise your pup to make him/her tired the day before you are leaving. If they are tired, they will be sleeping and resulting in a quiet and relaxing trip for you.
  6. Pet travel carriers on wheels. This just gives all the convenience! Check out The Uncommon Dog for different sizes that will suit your pup.
  7. GPS Locator Apps for Pups. There are plenty of hardware and software for pets these days. Purchasing and downloading one is a breeze.
  8. Car seats for pups. Car seats are great! The shedding just stays on their seat, and it keeps your pup safe, secure, and calmed.
  9. Let your pups look out the window. This greatly helps in calming anxious pups in strange new environments. Pups tend to be occupied and it will lessen their chance to have motion sickness.
  10. Pack a dryer sheet. If the weather starts to be cold, run the sheet on your pup’s fur and it will help them be relaxed.
  11. Put all your pup’s medical and ID in a Ziploc and label what is inside. Make sure to keep these documents safe and dry in an accessible place!
  12. Ice Cubes. These ice cubes help your pup by keeping them hydrated which is good for your trip!
  13. Pack spares. Prepare spare collars, IDs and toys! You’ll never know what might happen.
  14. Baking soda. This helps with pee stains on the carpet. Baking soda paste also helps swelling down and easing the pain if anything happens to the pup.
  15. Tweezers, liquid soap, and cotton balls. These come handy when removing a ticks! Make sure to clean the area with the tick and sanitize them. Don’t forget to wash your hands!
  16. Get a pupsitter. A helping hand would be great for a trip! Find a pupsitter and make your travel easier and almost hassle-free. The website is also available to help you find trustworthy pupsitters!

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