Some tips for hectic travelling

Recently, a few pet owners have asked me how I deal with the demanding schedule and responsibilities of travelling with Bella. There are an increasing number of dog and pet events and shows around the world. Many are taking part in these but have to deal with issues like jet lag and sleep deprivation, while maintaining their energy levels to ensure the well being of their pets.

I personally have a couple tricks up my sleeve, depending on the intensity or seriousness of the situation:

1. I like to schedule flights that arrive during the daytime. I do this because I find it easier to stay awake until nightfall, when I can go to sleep (exhaustion helps), as opposed to trying to fall asleep at night when I am still energetic

2. The dirty chai. Most days I appreciate the odd latte or two. But on mornings (or even afternoons) that a show is coming up, or I have to perform, I like to grab a dirty chai. This is a Matcha Latte with 2 shots of espresso in it. Apparently the mixture of matcha and espresso unlocks an extra kick to give you that boost you need. And it tastes damn good too.

3. Modafinil. Modafinil is a nootropic commonly prescribed for sleep deprived individuals like shift workers or narcoleptics. It’s considered a smart drug and in most countries is used off shelf by sleep deprived professionals like lawyers, bankers and even students. It’s quite commonly found in most countries through online pharmacies like this highly recommended one, Modafinil Malaysia (saved my life too many times!). I only take Modafinil on occasions that I haven’t gotten enough sleep the night before a big day. Personally, I find it very very effective for increasing energy levels, maintaining focus and general wellbeing. There are little to no side effects. However, I try not to take it unless absolutely necessary.

With these 3 tips, I’ve been able to take good care of Bella, while travelling the world.

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