Some of my favourite Australian dog parks!

In the last 3 years, Bella and I have made 4 trips, totalling a duration of 10 months spent in Australia (evidently, the both of us like Australia quite a fair bit). Our time in Australia was split between several major cities. Generally speaking, Australia is a very dog-friendly nation (win). Below I’ve put together Bella and mine’s favorite parks in Australia. Do check them out if you’re ever nearby.

1.         Hawthorne Canal Reserve, Leichhardt, New South Wales

This leash-free dog park also has a café, Cafe Bones, which offers food for both dogs and dog owners!

2.         Sunshine Beach, Noosa, Queensland

Dogs are allowed on the beach! Perfect for people who love to surf, swim, or boat with their dogs.

3.         Albert Park, Port Phillip, Victoria

This park has a lake and has cycling tracks for your dogs to walk around. They also have a leash-free area.

4.         South Beach, Fremantle, West Australia

This beach is surrounded by a grass area for your dogs to really have some exercise.

5.         Otto Park, St Peters, South Australia

This is a 24-hour off-leash park with no time limits. There is also a playground for children.

6.         Sirius Cove – Mosman, New South Wales

Ideal for the family to stay in the sand for a great picnic or BBQ! Dogs are allowed on

7.         Elrundie Avenue, Marlow Lagoon, Northern Territory

Developed by Palmerston City Council with Pedigree which has 8 obstacles for your dogs to try out. They are open 24/7!

8.         Pet Park, Golden Grove, South Australia

This park has some obstacles in a citcuit for your dog to try and run around the place. Gambling legal in Canada

9.         Scarborough Dog Beach, Scarborough, West Australia

A 1.5km beach length which will definitely make your dogs run, play, and have fun!

10.   Observatory Hill Park, Sydney, New South Wales

This park is famous because it gives an amazing view of the Sydney harbour. It contains the heritage listed Sydney observatory. This is also a leash-free park.

Be sure to mind the rules though. Irresponsible dog owners have gotten in trouble with park rangers and the authorities for not leashing their dogs in non-designated areas, or not picking up after their dogs.

Final thoughts: Australia is a very very dog-friendly nation. It’s evidenced from the amount of time we’ve spent here over the past couple years that we both love it. We might consider moving here on a more permanent basis down the line. Pet health care is plentiful, with vets in nearly every suburb. Land space is abundant. Australians take their parks very seriously. Western Australia in particular, might be one of the most beautiful states I’ve ever witnessed.

What are your thoughts? Do let me know if you have been to any of the parks above, or if there are any parks that I missed!


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