Dog health tips (dear Sparky lived to 16)

Choosing the kind of food you feed your dog or anyone for that matter, is a very important choice to make. A healthy diet determines how long you live. It may sound difficult to be completely healthy, but to be healthy in some ways is better than nothing at all. The goal here now is to encourage all of you to create your own meals for your dogs.

Before Bella, I had Sparky. He lived to the ripe old age of 16 (RIP dear old friend, you are eternally missed). These are some of the ways I took care of his health:

1. Ignore the marketing and advertisement, check the label.

These advertisements should not be used as a basis to choose your food. The most important thing to consider is the ingredients on the product label. Research on these ingredients to check what suits your dog best!

2. Avoid processed and shelf-stable products.

These type of food usually have preservatives which make them last longer. It is best to eat foods that are fresh and newly made. Canned goods, biscuits and other processed food make our lives convenient and it is understandable to eat these when we are in a rush. However, we should not include these foods in our diet if there is no need to.

3. Consume fresh whole foods

Fruits and vegetables are the best whole foods for their health reasons. They provide nutrients which help in digestion and will have a distinct effect on the over-all health.

4. Add different ingredients rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidants to the diet.

Try to avoid diseases by eating anti-inflammatory food. There are many ways to get inflammation such as eating processes food which is what we should avoid. Inflammation also causes premature aging. To combat these, whole foods are the best for the diet.

5. Avoid cooking meat.

Cooking meat in high temperatures removes its nutrients. When the meat is heated, it releases chemicals which are harmful and can cause cancer. When serving meat, it is better to serve it raw.

6. It is best to use organic fruits and vegetables.

The common fruits and vegetables today are genetically modified which means we do not know what nutrients exactly they bring. It is better to serve organic to ensure the best quality and nutrients for a healthy life.

7. Wash non-organic products in apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar should be used to wash off the pesticides of the fruits and vegetables since we do not want to put them into our dog’s system. Soak the products in 1/5 apple cider and 4/5 water for a minute and rinse.

8. Avoid gluten.

Dry pet foods contain gluten. Gluten is to be avoided since they can strain the liver and kidneys.

9. Use organic green lentils instead of rice.

Dogs don’t need grains to be healthy. Lentils are a good substitute since they have the greatest amount of protein and are rich in iron and magnesium. They also help boost the immune system.

10. Use raw coconut oil as a source of fat.

Raw coconut oil is rich in healthy saturated fat which goes directly to the liver to create energy which is beneficial for the dogs.

11. Provide a sufficient amount of food and limit treats.

Provide an amount of food that is needed for your dog. If he needs to gain weight, provide more and less if otherwise.

12. Give attention to teeth and gum health.

Just like people, dogs also need to have healthy teeth and gums. Use raw coconut oil as toothpaste because it has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. This also helps dogs with bad breath problems.

13. Choose your water.

Water is the most important in anyone’s health. It is important to know where the water is from to see the elements in it. It is best to use alkaline water. A substitue to alkaline water which is cost-effective is Willard water. Just add a few drops of this to your water and it creates alkaline water.

14. Wash your bowls using vinegar.

Vinegar is a chemical free substitute for soaps since soaps have different chemicals which may harm the dog incase they are not washed and rinsed really well.

15. Take charge.

Since you know your dog best, take charge and make decisions that will be beneficial to your dog.

Bonus Tip 1: Do not put anything on your dog’s face that is not edible!

Bonus Tip 2: Exercise for a healthy lifestyle! Walk your dog everyday for about 20 minutes.

Bonus Tip 3: Consider your dog’s toilet breaks!

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