Advantages of Spaying and Neutering

The debate of whether to spay or neuter has been raging on for decades. There are pros, and there are cons, so it’s really up to you. Here I share some of the reasons why you should consider doing it:

1. Healthier Life for your Pets
This process will lower the risk of your pets having diseases, such as breast cancer and uterine infection for the female and testicular cancer for the male. Contrary to the belief, spaying/neutering will NOT make your pet fat. So if that’s what stopping you, don’t worry! As long as you have a routine for your pets to stay fit, it will not be a problem.

2. Better Behavior
It’s such a headache when pets go on heat. Every pet owners relates to this. They’re uncontrollable when they’re in heat. Spaying and neutering can take care of that for you. After the procedure, your pet will not go on heat anymore. You can finally say goodbye to the pain it has caused you! They won’t want to roam outside anymore. Also, their attention will not be divided between their mates; they’ll be able to focus more on their owners.

3. Save More
The cost of surgery is a lot cheaper than the price you paid when unexpected things happened to unneutered pets. It’s less than the cost of paying for care for a litter and less than the cost of paying for the damages when your pets get into fights.

4. Good for the Society
It helps to control pet overpopulation, thus decreasing the number of strays.

Owning a pet gives a person a friend and a companion but more than that, studies show that it also has benefits that are good for the health. Having someone to greet you when you come home from work, someone to play with or to cuddle when it’s cold. Pets can lessen the stress of their owners. How about the owners? Are they taking good care of their pet(s)? Ponder on this, if you haven’t done so for your pets.

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