About DogFlu.ca

Greetings from DogFlu.ca – a Blog that helps dog-lovers keep their dogs healthy and happy.

My name is Aaron Leong and I’m a part-time blogger, heavy traveller and full-time dog lover. I travel a lot between Canada, Malaysia & Australia. I am an accountant by training and sustain my travels by helping small businesses optimise their accounts and processes.

Back in 2012 I decided to resign from my full-time role at a large auditing firm to spend more time travelling with Bella, my beagle and my best friend. But before we could begin our travels, we had to navigate the choppy waters of travelling overseas with a dog. Thankfully, I’ve been helped along the way by many friends and strangers whom went out of their way for us.

This blog is mainly about our travels, and the tips & tricks to caring for your canine companion on the road based on what we’ve experienced. Of course, we’re no professionals but I do I hope that you find something useful on our site.