10 Tips For Training Dogs

All dogs need to be trained and taught the proper way to behave. I trained Bella as soon as I could get started – before she was old enough to be neutered or spayed. They’re more obedient and easier to train at this phase. Here are 10 tips on how to train dogs.

  1. Give your dog a proper name

When naming your dog, always give it a name that is easy to pronounce so that it is easier to call your dog whenever you need to for training purposes. The dog will feel joyed when it is given a name with a strong consonant.

  1. Properly decide the “house rules”

Always let the dog know what he can or cannot do at your home to avoid any confusion.

  1. Build a private den for him

After owning a dog, immediately build him a place for him to stay and sleep and reward him for good behaviour.

  1. Help him relax after he comes home

Give your puppy a warm hot watter bottle and place a ticking clock in his sleeping area to imitate the heat and heartbeat of his litter mates and calm him in his new environment.

  1. Teach him how to respond to your calls

Always teach your dog to obey your commands whenever you call him. He should be obedient enough to listen to you every time. Use positive reinforcement to reward him every time he obeys the command as this will be beneficial as the dog gets older.

  1. Reward him for good behaviour

Reward your dog with treats, toys, foods or other positive things for his good behaviour and never reward him for behaving badly or he will be confused.

  1. Do not allow your dog to jump up

Never encourage or allow your dog to jump up when greeting you. When your dog wants to jump up, do not pay him any attention.

  1. Teach him about “dog time”

Dogs and puppies live in the present moment so they usually forget about the bad things they have done. Always remind your dog if he has done something bad so he can correct his mistakes.

  1. Discourage biting or nipping

Whenever your dog wants to bite or nip you, pretend to be in great pain so he can stop. Try a chew toy or pant leg if he does not want to stop. If all else fails, just break up the dog’s biting behaviour and ignore him.

  1. End training sessions positively

Always praise your dog or give him a treat if he has behaved well throughout the whole training session. This will motivate it to show up at the next training session with full enthusiasm.

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